Honors Students Participate in 8th Annual URCA Symposium

The 8th annual Ashland University College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium (URCA) took place on April 11, 2017. This event allows students to present their original research and/or creative work in a professional conference format. These outstanding students begin their careers already contributing in their particular fields.

Graduating Honors Program student Isabella Steiner presents her poster at URCA.

This year, a number of Honors Program students presented at the URCA symposium:
  • Senior Lydia Smith presented both an oral and poster presentation. For her oral presentation, she discussed Facing the Four Horsemen: New Atheist Critiques of Christian Morality and the Christian Response and her poster presentation was entitled Revisiting the Relationship between Religion and Altruism.
  • Junior Kiana Ziegler presented: Tinge of Murder: An Analysis of Color in The Talented Mr. Ripley
  • Senior Ryan Bastian presented: An Introduction to the Generalized Riemann Integral and its Role in Undergraduate Mathematics Education
  • Senior Isabella Steiner presented: A Population on its Way Out? Investigating the Population Size and Ploidy of Ambystomid Salamanders at the Ashland University Black Fork Wetlands
  • Junior Emily Law presented: Modeling the Impact of Squeezed Light on Quantum Noise
  • Senior Grace McCourt presented: The Dishonest Salesperson Problem
  • Senior Bethany Meadows presented: History Versus Film: An Examination of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Rhetoric and Selma
  • Sophomore Emily Nicholls presented: Assessment of the Botanical Diversity of Ashland University's Black Fork Wetlands
Congratulations to all of the students from the Honors Program who presented at the URCA Symposium!

To read the student abstracts and see photos from the event, go to: http://ashlandurca.blogspot.com/


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