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Irish Heritage Tour as Seen through the Eyes of A Student: Days 1 and 2

The Honors Program just completed its Irish Heritage Tour, where twenty-one students and two staff members traveled to the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland from May 8th through the 19th. We have asked a number of students to blog about the journey, so each day is written from the perspective of a different student or staff member.  Today's post was written by a sophomore accounting major in the Honors Program, Kristine Blackburn.  We hope you enjoy reading about our journey! Day 1: Monday, May 8th
Today started out just like any other—no matter how much I planned this out and thought ahead, I was still rushing out the door last minute. It wasn’t because I hadn’t packed—I’d packed all my clothes, which was pretty much the only thing in my checked luggage, the night before. I’d gathered anything else that I thought I needed that morning. I’d checked over my essay one last time before turning it in. this was all done before I left. And somehow I was still running l…

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