Pie-a-Prof, Round 2!

For the second year running, the Honors Society Officers decided to host the Pie-a-Prof event.  This unique event is a great way to get students and professors connected on campus, and also serves as a fundraiser for a charity organization.

Last year, the student body raised money for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and this year, proceeds went to the Gary M. Levine Benevolent Fund.  Dr. Gary Levine was a professor in the English Department at Ashland University who passed away this fall after his battle with stage 4 Glioblastoma.

Students recruited 5 professors to have their pictures put on jars to see which could raise the most money.  The two winners would be pied at halftime of the AU Men's Basketball game.

This year, professors Dr. Jason Ellis and Honors Program director Dr. Christopher Swanson "won" the Pie-a-Prof contest.  Dr. Ellis was pied by his CMLA (Collegiate Middle Level Association) students and Dr. Swanson was pied by a math student and an Honors Program student, and money was raised for another excellent cause.  The Honors Society plans to make this event a yearly tradition, as it seems to be an excellent combination of fun and service.


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