Pie-a-Prof for St. Jude's

The students in the Honors Program at Ashland University spend a great amount of time giving back to their various communities.  From spring break trips with Habitat for Humanity to spending time with our local elderly populations, our students are consistently found in and around our community helping others.

This spring was no exception.  The Honors Society decided to try its hand at a new event, and "Pie-a-Prof" came to be.  Ashland University professors volunteered to have their faces put on a jar to raise money for St. Jude's in a competition-style fundraiser, with the winners being pied in the face at a men's basketball game.

Both students and professors stepped up to the plate!  Professors gave class incentives and students donated their funds, raising a total of $441.00 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

And the two lucky profs?  Dr. Bergosh of the Chemistry/Geology/Physics department and our own Dr. Swanson, Director of the Honors Program and Mathematics professor.  Their kids were very excited to be the ones to wield the pies!

Dr. Bergosh with Brandon and Hailey

Dr. Swanson with Paige and Parker

Thank you to the members of the Honors Society for all their hard work and to all of the folks who donated!


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