Honors Students Present at URCA Symposium

On April 8, 2015, some of Ashland University's best and brightest Arts and Sciences students participated in the sixth annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URCA) Symposium. This symposium allows undergraduate students to present their original research or creative work that they have developed alongside a faculty mentor or collaborator in a professional conference setting.

The Honors Program is proud to have had a number of students involved in the 2015 URCA Symposium:

  • Senior Amanda Mayes presented The Affective Forecasting Error: Predicting Negative Affect, sponsored by psychology professor Dr. Diane Bonfiglio
  • Senior Garrett Tresch presented Sieve Bootstrap-Based Prediction Intervals for GARCH Processes, sponsored by mathematics professor Dr. Maduka Rupasinghe
  • Sophomore Emily Cardwell presented Intellect and Satire: The Role of Mrs. Selwyn in "Evelina," sponsored by English professor Dr. Hilary Donatini
  • Junior Emily Shrider, along with fellow student Ashley Keres, exhibited Many Labs 3: Time of Semester Effects, sponsored by psychology professor Dr. Christopher Chartier
  • Junior Alexander Kaple exhibited Investigation of the Chemistry of Red Maple Foliage, Acer rubrum L., sponsored by chemistry professor Dr. Jeffrey Weidenhamer
  • Senior Mary Moeller presented The Effects of Essay Topic, Gender, and Education Level on Peer Grading, sponsored by psychology professor Dr. Diane Bonfiglio
  • Senior Joseph Scott Glorioso presented Constant Speed or Constant Effort: Which Is the More Efficient Way to Run?, sponsored by mathematics professor Dr. Gordon Swain
Congratulations to all students who participated in the symposium on a job well done!

To read the student abstracts and see photos from the event, go to: http://ashlandurca.blogspot.com/


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