May 2014 Honors Program Graduates

The Honors Program celebrated the commencement of this year's twelve graduating Honors Program seniors with this afternoon's cording ceremony.

Joshua Allman
Cum Laude
Major: Biotechnology
Minor: Mathematics
Honors Capstone Project: Alpha-crystallin Expression and Compensation Patterns in Zebrafish
Mentor: Dr. Mason Posner

Samantha Diemer 
Summa Cum Laude
Majors: Psychology, Criminal Justice
Minor: Mathematics
Honors Capstone Project: Is the Defendant Guilty? The Effects of Perception of Aggression on Juror Decision Making
Mentor: Dr. Diane Bonfiglio

Spencer Dolezal
Magna Cum Laude
Major:  Integrated Language Arts Education
Honors Capstone Project: McCarthy’s Fatherhood: An Examination of Fatherhood in The Road
Mentor: Dr. Daniel Lehman

Naomi Eberly
Magna Cum Laude
Major: English
Minor: History
Honors Capstone Project: Manning the Empire: The Pedagogical Function of Sherlock Holmes and Phileas Fogg in the Late-Victorian Period
Mentor: Dr. Sharleen Mondal

Erika Gallion
Magna Cum Laude
Majors:  English, Creative Writing
Honors Capstone Project:  Lullabies and Sleepless Nights
Mentor:  Dr. Joe Mackall, Dr. Linda Joyce Brown

Joseph Griffith
Summa Cum Laude
Major:  Political Science and History
Honors Capstone Project: Lincoln's Use of Scripture and Biblical Allusions in the Gettysburg Address and the Second Inaugural
Mentor: Dr. Schramm

Alicia Hilmoe
Summa Cum Laude
Major: Early Childhood Education with grades 4-5 endorsement
Minors: Spanish, History
Honors Capstone Project: Integrating ESL Teaching Techniques and Curriculum into the Mainstream Classroom: How to Fully Include English Language Learners in a Classroom Community
Mentor: Dr. Carla Abreu-Ellis

Morgan Mirtes
Magna Cum Laude
Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics
Minor: Music
Honors Capstone Project: Rubik’s Cubes: A Study of the Mathematics behind Them and the Development of a Rubik’s Cube Solving Android Application
Mentor: Dr. Paul Cao

Amanda Mosley
Summa Cum Laude
Major: Psychology
Minor: Marketing
Honors Capstone Project: Embodied Relationships: Does the Act of Hugging Influence an Individual’s Feelings toward His or Her Romantic Partner, Family, or Friends?
Mentor: Dr. Brent Mattingly and Dr. Diane Bonfiglio

Alicia Myatt
Magna Cum Laude
Major:  Biology
Minors: Chemistry, Religion
Honors Capstone Project: An Olfactory Enrichment Study at the Ashland Cat Shelter            
Mentor: Dr. Mason Posner and Dr. Richard Stoffer

Alexander Sheil
Magna Cum Laude
Major:  Sport Management
Minors: Business Administration, Coaching
Honors Capstone Project:  Leadership in Sport
Mentor:  Dr. Jennifer Parsons

Stefanie Stoops
Summa Cum Laude
Majors: French, Spanish
Minor: International Business
Honors Capstone Project: Social Business in Guatemala
Mentor: Professor Kristen Hovsepian

The Honors Program is excited to announce that two graduates have been awarded the Howard O. Rowe scholarship. The 2013/2014 winners of the scholarship are December 2013 graduate Anna Falls and May 2014 graduate Naomi Eberly. The award is given to the student whose Honors Capstone Project is considered to be the best among his/her peers.

Congratulations to the May 2014 Honors Program graduates! Good luck with all of your future endeavors!


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