Honors Program Seniors Defend Capstone Projects

Part of the graduation requirements for Honors Program students is the completion of a comprehensive Honors Capstone Project. As spring 2014 comes to a close, Honors Program seniors prepare to defend the culmination of their research and hard work. The defenses are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend.

Read the abstracts here.

Tuesday, April 15
3:00pm - Alicia Hilmoe - Ashbrook
Integrating ESL Teaching Techniques and Curriculum into the Mainstream Classroom: How to Fully Include English Language Learners in a Classroom Community

6:30pm - Alexander Sheil - Ridenour Room (Dauch 115)
Leadership in Sport

Tuesday, April 22
6:15pm - Samantha Diemer - Ronk
Is the Defendant Guilty? The Effects of Perception of Aggression on Juror Decision Making

Wednesday, April 23
3:00pm - Morgan Mirtes - Ronk
Rubik’s Cubes: A Study of the Mathematics behind them and the Development of a Rubik’s Cube Solving Android Application

4:30pm - Erika Gallion - Ronk
Lullabies and Sleepless Nights

Thursday, April 24
4:00pm - Naomi Eberly - Ronk
Manning the Empire: The Pedagogical Function of Sherlock Holmes and Phileas Fogg in the Late-Victorian Period

Friday, April 25
3:30pm - Alicia Myatt - Kettering 112
An Olfactory Enrichment Study at the Ashland Cat Shelter

Monday, April 28
3:15pm - Stefanie Stoops - Ford (Dauch 105)
Social Business in Guatemala

Wednesday, April 30
3:00pm - Joseph Griffith - Ashbrook
Lincoln's Use of Scripture and Biblical Allusions in the Gettysburg Address and the Second Inaugural

6:30pm - Joshua Allman - Kettering 112
Alpha-crystallin Expression and Compensation Patterns in Zebrafish


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