Honors Program Scholars Defend Capstone Projects

Part of the graduation requirements for Honors Program scholars is the completion of a comprehensive Honors Capstone Project. As spring 2013 comes to a close, Honors Program seniors prepare to defend the culmination of their research and hard work. The defenses are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend.

Read the abstracts here.

Thursday, April 11
3:00 pm - Lindsey Grudnicki - Ashbrook
"True to a Single Object": The Character of Tadeusz Kościuszko

Wednesday, April 17
5:30 pm - Rachel Carson - Ronk Lecture Hall
Divorce and Perceptions of Conflict

Monday, April 22
4:30 pm - Larissa Berry - Dauch Ridenour Room
A Cross Cultural Comparison of Brazilian and American Math Curricula

Tuesday, April 23
7:00 pm - Lauren Goossens - Ronk Lecture Hall
Family Caregivers of Loved Ones with Aphasia: How They are Affected and How We Can Help

Wednesday, April 24
4:30 pm - Conner Darsee - Ashbrook
The Person and Purgatory: The Advantages of Thomistic Hylemorphism
5:30 pm - Sarah Guarino - Dauch 105 (Ford Lecture Hall)
The Effects of Ostracism on Intrinsic Motivation: A Manipulation of Social Context

Thursday, April 25
5:00 pm - Lindsey Knapp - KET 112
Differential Gene Expression of Piccolo (PCLO) in Mouse and Zebrafish Brain
7:00 pm - Tyler Remmel - Dauch Ridenour Room
The Early Bird: How Twitter Has Fueled a Perpetual Media Race

Friday, April 26
2:30 pm - Amber Weaver - Schar 135
The Relationship between Student's Financial Responsibility for College and Levels of Academic Motivation and Success
4:00 pm - Jared Baisden - KET 218
Isolation and Charaterization of a Suspected Phytoalexin from Acer rubrum L

Tuesday, April 30
3:00 pm - Caitlin Music - Ronk Lecture Hall
Applications of the Sieve Bootstrap Method

Wednesday, May 1
1:00 pm - Justin Nolan - Dauch 105 (Ford Lecture Hall)
Johnson Brothers Rubber Company Database Systems Upgrade
3:00 pm - Theresa Riley - Dauch Ridenour Room
Improving Motivation and Needs Satisfaction of Employees in the Hospitality and Food Service Industries
5:00 pm - Megan Liggett - Ronk Lecture Hall
Measuring Halogenated Flame Retardants by Silicon Tubing Microextraction


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