Honors Program Scholars Attend American Chemical Society Meeting

Congratulations to Honors Program scholar Anna Falls! Anna was the recipient of the $250 travel award for the Undergraduate Research in Polymer Science Symposium at the American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting held in New Orleans earlier this month. She was one of 5800 students nationally to attend the 245th National Meeting and Exposition of the ACS.

Anna received the award as recognition for the abstract she submitted for an oral presentation at the Symposium. Her abstract was based upon research on creating a new star polymer and investigating its properties and possible uses. Anna has been researching this since the summer of 2011 under the guidance of her research advisor, Dr. Perry Corbin.

Anna's contributions to the National Meeting and Exposition of the ACS include her work on a poster presentation titled "Progress towards the synthesis of resorcinarene-core polylactide/polyethylene glycol star block copolymers using click chemistry" by Aaron E. Tipton, Anna C. Falls, and Perry S. Corbin, her work on an oral presentation titled "Synthesis, characterization, and degradation of multi-armed calixarene-core polylactide star polymers" by Anna C. Falls, Mei Li, and Perry S. Corbin, and her work on a poster presentation titled "ACS activities at Ashland University" by Anna C. Falls, Marie R. Southerland, Cassandra E. Nix, Mallorie L. Boron, Katelyn B. Elliot, Perry S. Corbin, Rebecca W. Corbin, Matthew L. Arthur, Brian K. Mohney, and Nicholas B. Regan.

Other Ashland University students were in attendance at this prestigious event,  including Honors Program scholars Jared Baisden and Megan Liggett. While there, they were able to have the opportunity to learn about other research conducted by the undergraduate students present for the meeting. Jared's and Megan's contributions include work on poster presentations titled "Isolation and characterization of a suspected phytoalexin from Acer rubrum L" by Jared T. Baisden, Janna Pearson, Beth Miller-Lisy, Robert G. Bergosh, and Jeffrey D. Weidenhamer, "Synthesis and time dependent toxicity of nicotine analogs" by Jenn Pyle, Robert G. Bergosh, Kelly Mozena, and Megan Liggett and Douglas A. Dawson, and "Measuring halogenated flame retardants by silicone tubing microextraction" by Megan E. Liggett, Brian K. Mohney, and Jeffrey D. Weidenhamer.

For more information on this, visit the Ashland University article here.


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