Honors Program Cording Ceremony

From left to right:  Professor Nancy Udolph, Senior Rebecca Civittolo, Dr. Michael Schwarz, Senior Todd Frank, Senior Alex Jones, Senior Mariah Dunsing, Dr. Christopher Swanson (Honors Program Director), and Dr. Mark Nadler  (Not pictured:  Senior Victoria Goudy, Dr. Rod Michael, and Dr. Steve Pool)

On May 4th, the Academic Honors Program awarded five graduating seniors their honors cord for successfully completing the Honors Program requirements. 

Rebecca Civittolo
Majors:  Social Work and Philosophy
Honors Capstone Project:  "Like That Mean Lady in Mrs. Doubtfire?:  The Stereotype of Social Workers in Film
Mentor;  Professor Nancy Udolph

Mariah Dunsing
Majors:  Political Science and History
Honors Capstone Project:  The Constitutionality and Necessity of the First Bank of the United States
Mentor:  Dr. Michael Schwarz

Todd Frank
Major:  Business Management
Minors:  Finance, Accounting, and Information Systems
Honors Capstone Project:  The Analysis, Benefits, and Recommendations in Promoting Future Growth for Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Company
Mentor:  Dr. Steve Pool

Victoria Goudy
Major:  Chemistry with ACS Certification
Minors:  Ethics and Biology
Honors Capstone Project:  Wholesome Healthcare for a Global Society
Mentor:  Dr. Rod Michael

Alex Jones
Majors:  Economics and Philosophy
Honors Capstone Project:  An Economic Defense of Liberalism
Mentor:  Dr. Mark Nadler

The 2011/2012 winner of the Howard O. Rowe Scholarship is December 2011 graduate, Nicholas Granitz. This award is given to the student whose Honors Capstone Project is considered to be the best among his/her peers.

Congratulations to all of the graduating Honors Program seniors and best of luck in your future endeavors!


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