Honors Students Present at the 2012 Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Symposium

Junior Lindsey Knapp presents her biology poster

Congratulations to all the Honors Program students who presented at the recent College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium on Tuesday, March 27th!

Oral Presentations:
  • Lauren Goossens, Sarah Guarino, and Rachel Carson: The Influence of Context and Color on Memory (Faculty sponsor: Dr. Diane Bonfiglio, Psychology)
  • Paul Dyczkowski: The Reductio Ad Absurdum of Nihilism in Faulkner's Sound and the Fury (Faculty sponsor: Dr. Dan Lehman, English) and The Unrecognized, Unread Crisis: Reading in 21st Century America (Faculty sponsor: Dr. Jayne Waterman, English)
  • Rebecca Civittolo: Evolution of an Image: The Stereotype of Social Workers in Film (Faculty sponsor: Prof. Nancy Udolph, Social Work)
  • Brandy Riha: Starting from Scratch: Music and the Compositional Process (Faculty sponsor: Dr. Alexander Sanchez-Behar, Music)

Poster Presentations:

  • Lindsey Knapp: PICCOLO (PCLO) Is Differentially Expressed During Mouse Brain Development (Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Steven Fenster, Biology/Toxicology)
  • Amanda Mosley (with Kayla Hoover): The Effect of Self-Expanding Tasks on Implicit and Explicit Self-Concept (Faculty sponsor: Dr. Brent Mattingly, Psychology)
  • Amber Weaver: Directed Forgetting: Are There Differences in Processing Typical and Distinctive Faces? (Faculty sponsor: Dr. Mitchell Metzger, Psychology)
  • Marissa Uhrig (with Anna Payne, Allen Kowal, Rylan Campbell, Kenny Bogner, and Kees Edwards): Game Design with DarkGDK (Faculty sponsor: Dr. Paul Cao, Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Rachel Carson and Sarah Guarino: The Effects of Self-Expansion and Self-Efficacy (Faculty sponsor: Dr. Brent Mattingly, Psychology)

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