Honors 390 students study mythology
Honors students making plaster molds of their ideal torsos.
Prof. McDonald and McKenzie Roth pouring molten metal
The Fall 2011 Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar course consists of 4 segments focusing on mythology:  the Bible's Book of Job taught by Assistant Professor of Religion Sue Dickson, Greek mythological plays taught by Professor of English Russell Weaver, "Pygmalion:  Searching for the Ideal" taught by Assistant Professor of Art Daniel McDonald and "De-Mythologization" taught by Professor of Philosophy William Vaughan.  For Professor McDonald's segment, students read the "Pygmalion" excerpt from Ovid's Metamorphoses, read Merimee's "The Venus of Ille" and then got their hands dirty by trying to mold an ideal torso out of clay.  Using these clay torsos, they created a plaster mold so the torso could be cast in metal as a take-home souvenir from the course.


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