Honors Students Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
Honors students and Swanson children
Although Ashland residents fully expected to hand out candy to local children during Trick-or-Treat on October 27th, they were surprised to see Honors students dressed as ninjas, a pink Power Ranger and Sue Sylvester walking up their driveways as well.  Sixteen Honors students (as well as the Swanson family) participated in the 2011 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, raising $177.60, enough money to immunize 357 children against measles for life, provide 3 emergency first aid kits containing items such as gauze, bandages, soap and adhesive tape, and give 100 kids clean water to drink for a day.

Honors students' celebration of Halloween continued the following night when 22 students traversed a maze containing monsters (some wielding chain saws) at Honey Haven Farm's Field of Screams.  Students whose nerves were on edge at the completion of the maze were soothed by soft serve pumpkin ice cream before returning to campus.   


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