Honors Program Students Study Abroad

The Honors Program currently has three students experiencing life in another country while at the same time fulfilling curricular requirements for their major as well as for the Honors Program.

Larissa, Abbie and fellow students in Rio
Junior Integrated Math major, Larissa Berry, and sophomore Intervention Specialist major, Abbie Carle are spending the Fall 2011 semester in Brazil taking classes and polishing their Portuguese at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Larissa and Abbie along with four other students from American consortium partners Brigham Young University and Georgetown College are sharing their Brazilian adventures at Brazilian Study Abroad.

Lindsey exploring England by train
Junior History major, Lindsey Grudnicki, is attending Queen Mary University in London this fall. She is enjoying her classes and spends her free time exploring the English countryside. You can follow Lindsey's unique observations at An American in London.


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